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Author Topic: my long story ( sorry)  (Read 2713 times)
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« on: October 20, 2010, 10:27:56 PM »

It all started with me in November of 1984, I was in the U.S. Navy working the grave yard shift. I was home sleeping when all of a sudden I was woken up  in pain in my left ear, I thought it must have been an ear ach like the ones I use to get in my child hood days, so I packed the ear with cotton, that relieved the pain and I was able to go back to sleep. I wokeup hours after that and thought well the pain is gone so I pulled out the cotton from my ear and found it was full of blood. Know that blood from the ear is not a good sign and being an EMT I decided to go to the emergency department at the base I was stationed at, all they could say was to report to sick call and let the blood dry out in the ear. After a couple of weeks of going to sick bay to have them clean out my ear they refered me to ENT.

January 1985, came my first surgery for a cholesteatoma in my left ear. the diease was so far advanced that it had encased the middle bone for hearing and was way back in the attic region where it was almost to the brain.  that was surgery number 1.

January 1986, came the second surgery reconstruction to see if I could get most of my hearing back in that ear. Nope.

later that year came surgery number 3 ear cannal surgery to make a bowl in the cannal for bone condution same thing no better hearing.

sometime before I got out of the Navy I had my forth surgery because the piece that that put in on the second surgery had moved forward

May 2005 came the first surgery on my right ear for a cholesteatoma.

As of today I am looking at yet another surgery for my right ear  for another possible cholesteatoma.

Our ears we take for granted as we have been able to hear good  I now use 2 hearing aids to help me hear as I use too.  Smiley

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