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Author Topic: My post surgery comments-recommendations.  (Read 7548 times)
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« on: June 19, 2012, 03:49:52 PM »

I had surgery 7 days ago and have a few suggestions, comments on what to expect.  

I have C-toma in both ears, just diagnosed a few months ago.  Like many patients the dr. said the growth was more extensive than the CT scan.  Surgery lasted 4.5 hours and was the last one to go home from post-op as my surgery started at 12:30pm, and was discharged at 9:30pm. I still can't believe this is considered a day surgery.  

Stay ahead of the pain: regardless what you are prescribed, take it!  Your pain is real.  Not totally unbearable but am glad my husband set the alarm clock at 3am to give me my next dose.  I took the prescribed pain killers for the first 4 days, now just occasionally & at night to help sleep.  I have A LOT of jaw pain (still can't clench my teeth )and pain right behind the ear.  About every 20 minutes I get a strong shooting pain either in the ear or temple area.  It lasts only a few seconds, but stops you in your tracks!

Glasses/Stitches:  The stitches are barely visibly, only my glasses hurt if they are on too long.  Cotton balls help. The bow on my glasses had to be removed until the ear patch could be taken off.

Sleep:  the first few days I was pretty much drugged up and slept constantly, only to use the restroom & drink/eat.  Get a REALLY soft pillow and a few of your favorites.  I had rt ear surgery and am a rt side sleeper so kept wanting to rollover onto that side. daughters "Pillow Pet"!  It's super soft and by day 6 am finally able to position pillows to sleep.

Shower: I had someone wash my hair in the sink the first few times, but thought this can't go on forever, so did as the dr said, stuck a cotton ball in my ear & lathered the outside with Vaseline.  I found at my grocery store these small plastic tops, which look just like a shower cap for a doll.  The fit over bowls and cups.  The smallest size fits perfectly over the ear as added protection.  Call me paranoid  Undecided

Dizziness, That's real too.  Not everyone mentions it on these posts, but at times, mine is awful! I had 2 ear bones removed, still have "packing" in there, still slightly swollen and very tender, so I'm hoping it's not long lived.  Mine isn't to the point of not being able to walk, but definitely have a case of vertigo going on.  The dr prescribed anti-nausea/dizziness pills that melt on your tongue, but for me they are very short lived.  

Taste/Tongue: yep, they're effected too! The right side of my tongue is numb and has the metallic taste also.  It's actually not as bad as I expected and am told it's short lived....few months.  Many things don't taste right, especially coffee!  I used to drink pots of it, and now can barely have a full cup.

Ringing/Hissing: this is the one post op maladies I wish would STOP!  It's non-stop, even when I wake up in the middle of the night.   Sad.  Angry.  Embarrassed. I pray at my postoperative appointment and the packing comes out it will subside.
   The packing...I can't see any in the ear canal but was told it is there .  I started to used the prescribed antibiotic ear drops today that actually felt kind of good.

Sounds/Talking:  too much noise actually hurts.  My husband has a very deep voice, and low tones seems to 'annoy' worse.  Sorry Hun!   My own voice talking louder seems to resonate /reverberate /echo inside my ear.  I thought what next!!  Hopefully this is short lived too.  The softer I talk, there is no resonating in my head.  

Not so funny....take the prescribed/recommended stool softeners!   Embarrassed.

I hope my experience and personal tips help in any way.  Best Wishes to you!
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