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Author Topic: Post surgery  (Read 4261 times)
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« on: July 22, 2012, 11:26:09 PM »

Hi all

I know how much I was wondering myself about post op so I thought I'd share my experience.

My surgery finally happened after being postponed twice by the hospital due to some other emergency case. Anyhow, last Wednesday (5 days ago) was my turn. Surgery took 3 hours and they got rid of the c-toma and infected mastoid bone (modified radical mastoidechtomy). Two bones had eroded so they made me two new one's and put in. All c-toma was in my middle ear and stretching upwards, but none in my inner ear or around any of my nerves etc, so that was pretty good.

The first night (at hospital) I was in some pain and they gave me morphin which obviously did the trick! For the first night I also had to have two people with me going to the toilet because of dizziness. I then woke up at 6 am the day after and was alright to stand on my own legs. The doc came and removed the big bandage around my head and left me with the stitches which are covered with some bandage I guess and an ear full of packing.

Day 1, 2 and 3 I pretty much slept. General anastethic goes into your fat deposits in your body and are slowly released over the coming days after surgery, hence the tiredness. Sunday (day 4) I was up for a bit in the arvo and actually got dressed as well.

The pain isn't too bad. I had panadine forte (panadol with codeine) for the first few days but that was all. Not really any problems with dizziness either, but doc told me that would be worse when they remove the packing (can't wait for that one!! Feels like a blocked ear and all you want to do is slowly pull it out....)

Eating is a bit tricky both because of the infamous metallic taste (which in my case got better quite quick) but also because you can't chew as it will hurt. If you got surgery booked - count on eating yoghurt and soup for a week!

Overall just a bit stiff now. Some itchiness and a tiny bit numb. Glad it's over for now!

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