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Author Topic: Told to get a CT scan  (Read 2505 times)
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« on: April 15, 2013, 03:41:12 PM »

 Shocked Hi All, not sure if there are recent stories, etc.  but I was just told to order a CT scan for C toma.  I have had ear problems, and hearing loss all my life.  Currently wearing hearing aids. My ENT dr told me that I should not have neglected coming in to have him clean my ears.  I told him if I didn't think it was needed than why would I? Well, now I know. Sad My CT scan is April 30th.  Hope it comes out that all is well, and no surgery is needed. 

I didn't catch the messages about the recovery time on the surgery. Can anyone tell me? I mean can I go to work soon afterwards?
Mike in VT
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« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2013, 08:33:36 PM »

Let us know what the CT revealed. to the right set of eyes it should be evident in
a minute or less whether this is a Cholesteatoma.

I just had a cholesteatoma removed on April 19 2013. i'm on my 7thday of recovery.
if you have one there are no alternatives. (well one. don't have it and go deaf or worse)
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, my pain has been a 3 or so. and i only seem to need
the pain meds once each evening. i get occasional pain spikes that shoot by my ear but it probably has
more to do with healing and so on. my ear packing comes out this thursday.
the swelling has come down each day and the feeling in my ear has been like an earplug that went in WAY
too far and in much longer than it should.
i had the cholesteatoma removed and due to the fact in had engulfed the malleus and incus they were
taken out along with the ear drum and replaced with a titanium thing and a eardrum being built from
nearby materials,(muscle lining-temporal fascia)
my mastoid had been infected and rehealed so many times over the last
30 years that it resembled a shin bone,there were no air spaces left.
i never had much in the way of symptoms other than at least one or two ear infections every year and those ALWAYS followed a cold. November of 2012 my ear canal ruptured and spewed blood so that was
my entry into the cholesteatoma discovery.
it's done. and the surgeon did the best i could ask for.
will update as my healing continues.
keep us posted and best of luck.
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