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Author Topic: New to all of this/Suspected C-toma.  (Read 2048 times)
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« on: May 17, 2014, 03:03:48 PM »

Hi! I live near Seattle, WA and have had ear problems my whole life.I have Eustachian tube dysfunction and a deviated septum. I had tubes as a kid and many ear infections as a child and even as an adult....repeated eardrum ruptures. I've always had reduced hearing, but now at 40, I have moderate hearing loss, stuffy/plugged ears, occasional discharge and headaches.

In 2005, I had a parotidectomy a tumor in my spit gland. ENT found it when I was having problems with my ears/sinuses. 3 months of antibiotics and steroids. Saw and allergist. It seemed to mostly resolve itself.

Then 4 years ago, when I went back in for ear/sinus infection again, the same ENT told me I might possibly have a c-toma, but the ct scan came back not showing anything. He was pushing sinus surgery at the time so I just stopped seeing him.

Then during my entire pregnancy in 2012, I couldn't hear a thing. Stuffy/plugged ears and no one could tell me what was going on. Maybe blood volume due to pregnancy. Even after giving birth, I still have the problem. It gets a bit better occasionally, but never completely clears up. I switched ENTs and this one said moderate hearing loss due to my middle ear. Inner ear seems okay. I have a build up of skin on the outside of my ear drum and when she tried to remove it, I had vertigo. Twice, two weeks apart after ear drops to soften it. She stopped suctioning and suspects a c-toma connected to the middle ear bones. Now I'm off for another ct scan. And most likely a referral to a Otologist/surgeon in Seattle at Swedish Medical Center.

I am glad to see this message board. I used one during my parotidectomy too and the feeling of not being alone in this is priceless. Even tho, I don't know any of you.... thank you for being here. This whole thing is very scary.
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