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 on: May 14, 2013, 04:54:23 AM 
Started by lynntabor - Last post by Scottymate
So the left ear the eardrum is stuck to or fused with the middle ear. My left eardrum is fused to the bones. However my cholesteatoma was in my right ear. I had a discharging middle ear and a right perforated eardrum. These were my symptoms. I had my Ears cleaned by my Ear Nose and Throat surgeon who had seen me since 1988 a had a cleft palate and have very narrow ear canals i have had grommets many times. when i had a 'Lava flow from my right ear'and and had to have my ears cleaned every three weeks.  so in September 1994  when i was 10years old I went in the Mater Childrens Hospital in Brisbane Australia to have exploratory surgery when an hour into surgery they found the culprit a cholesteatoma it was quite big but the surgical team got it all out and my senior surgeorn did my ear drum graft. Now I see a different surgeon because my previous surgeon had retired in 2000. In 2000 i had another infection which resulted in dizziness while i was in high school with the same syptoms this time i had a CT Scan and had middle ear surgery at the Wesley Private hospital to remove the infection and middle ear fluid however this time there was no Cholesteama so my Right Ear canal was widened to facilitate easy cleaning of my ear canal. My Ear nose and throat surgeon had to kneel on the floor in order to get the microscope and suction device in the correct place beacause my left ear was unchanged. Now  i see my specialist at present ever one to two months. Now I have 2 Bone achored hearing aids. becuase i have conductive hearing loss

 on: May 08, 2013, 05:49:08 PM 
Started by JaneyJane - Last post by lynntabor
My now five year old has severe headaches, no one had confirmed out has anything to do with her cholesteatomas she has in both ears, I have beenwondering if anyone else thought they were related...good luck....we are waiting for surgery in june....

 on: May 08, 2013, 05:42:21 PM 
Started by lynntabor - Last post by lynntabor
Facts I would like to learn.....with the ear drum completely fallen in and around all the hearing bones, the cat scan confirmed. cholesteatoma formed...hearing loss at 65 db...whats is the chances of regaining hearing after surgery?

 on: April 29, 2013, 12:50:12 PM 
Started by saveme - Last post by saveme
My son is 8 years now ,and was diagnosed with a cholesteatoma when he was 2 and 9 months,his first surgery was done at Houston Children's Hospital,then we moved to New Jersey,and his second surgery was done at Children's Hospital at Philadelphia when he was three and half.The third surgery was done at CHOP as well in 2010,at that time,the doctor didn't see the tumor but the ear bone couldn't be rebuild any more.Until recently,the doctor found the Cholesteotoma comes back again and he need another surgery.But the doctor told me that the surgery will be scheduled in 4`6 months.It's really too long as the CT scan showing the large amounts of Cholesteotoma.I'm afraid the longer we wait,the worse the case.

Actually I always asked my current doctor if the Cholesteatoma comes back or not because my son kept having ear infection since last September,the doctor said I worried too much.Until last week,when the doctor tried to patch the hole because of the perforation,he found something unusual and CT scan showing the Cholesteotoma comes back.

I see people recommend Dr. Lawrence Tom at CHOP here,my question is how can I see the doctor sooner as my current doctor was at CHOP as well.I called Dr. Lawrence Tom's office and they gave me 6/20 which is too too late.Also,I'm worried will there be a problem that my current doctor know I want to see Dr. Lawrence Tom? How to say and do to make things goes smoothly? English is my second language,so I do need help here for somebody to tell me how to ask and what to do in order to see Dr. Lawrence Tom? How to get a sooner appointment? Will the new doctor accept the case if he new the patient is from his colleague in the same hospital?

Thanks a lot!!!

 on: April 27, 2013, 09:00:49 PM 
Started by crust - Last post by Mike in VT
If it is bothering him that much it needs to be done before he either goes deaf permanently or worse the thing invade his facial nerve or even worse his brain.
get one that does these regularly. if he wants to trade services he'll have to put that up front with the doc.
I just had my right ear cholesteatoma removed and with that a new eardrum and prosthetic hearing bone.
only 7 days ago. the surgery is a necessity and the only option. most hospitals offer 50% off for the uninsured so he needs to have that conversation with a hospital. Hospital's also use a lot of tile so he might be able to swing a deal there also.
this is normally  same day surgery. no overnights required.

 on: April 27, 2013, 08:33:36 PM 
Started by MJR - Last post by Mike in VT
Let us know what the CT revealed. to the right set of eyes it should be evident in
a minute or less whether this is a Cholesteatoma.

I just had a cholesteatoma removed on April 19 2013. i'm on my 7thday of recovery.
if you have one there are no alternatives. (well one. don't have it and go deaf or worse)
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, my pain has been a 3 or so. and i only seem to need
the pain meds once each evening. i get occasional pain spikes that shoot by my ear but it probably has
more to do with healing and so on. my ear packing comes out this thursday.
the swelling has come down each day and the feeling in my ear has been like an earplug that went in WAY
too far and in much longer than it should.
i had the cholesteatoma removed and due to the fact in had engulfed the malleus and incus they were
taken out along with the ear drum and replaced with a titanium thing and a eardrum being built from
nearby materials,(muscle lining-temporal fascia)
my mastoid had been infected and rehealed so many times over the last
30 years that it resembled a shin bone,there were no air spaces left.
i never had much in the way of symptoms other than at least one or two ear infections every year and those ALWAYS followed a cold. November of 2012 my ear canal ruptured and spewed blood so that was
my entry into the cholesteatoma discovery.
it's done. and the surgeon did the best i could ask for.
will update as my healing continues.
keep us posted and best of luck.

 on: April 26, 2013, 08:13:40 AM 
Started by JaneyJane - Last post by DonnaBroadhurst
Hi Jane, I am also from Ireland, i have had 2 operations on my right ear to remove CTOMA the last one was 4 years ago, for a while now i had been suffering with constant popping (retracted eardrum, pain in my left ear) which my consultant had been keeping an eye on. Three weeks ago she decided to put me under a general and take a good look at the ear drum unfortunately i have been told i now have CTOMA in my only hearing ear and i'm awaiting a CT appointment to determine how bad it is and what kind of surgery she will perform.

My advice to you is pester your ent for a CT scan, although i am gutted with my results i am not surprised as i feel we all know our own bodies and mine was telling something was wrong.

Love to know where in Ireland you are from and where you have been getting your treatment. My Ent is Mrs Lang in Waterford.

All the best
Donna   Smiley

 on: April 18, 2013, 11:44:53 PM 
Started by gkveda - Last post by gkveda
Cordial thanks for your reply Lisa.

It is very encouraging to know that the taste will come back after several months. As of today, I am still waiting for the taste to come back. It is almost 4 months. I am not sure how many more days i need to wait for my taste.

As far as fluid movement is concerned, how do they remove the fluid ? Does it require surgery again or is it something like inserting a needle and pulling out ? Curious to know. Have not met the doctor yet since I assumed it would go away after some time.. Your reply confirms that visit to doctor and undergoing pain is a must Sad

Please reply. Waiting for your reply

 on: April 16, 2013, 07:37:23 PM 
Started by crust - Last post by crust
My adult son has had a cholesteatoma for some time and has been putting off its removal. He is getting progressively more deaf and now it is hurting him like crazy. He is a independent tile setter with no insurance and he is hell bent on finding a doctor who will trade services. I told him this is a pretty unlikely scenario to pull off. Can anyone refer me to a good Minnesota surgeon for this?

 on: April 15, 2013, 03:41:12 PM 
Started by MJR - Last post by MJR
 Shocked Hi All, not sure if there are recent stories, etc.  but I was just told to order a CT scan for C toma.  I have had ear problems, and hearing loss all my life.  Currently wearing hearing aids. My ENT dr told me that I should not have neglected coming in to have him clean my ears.  I told him if I didn't think it was needed than why would I? Well, now I know. Sad My CT scan is April 30th.  Hope it comes out that all is well, and no surgery is needed. 

I didn't catch the messages about the recovery time on the surgery. Can anyone tell me? I mean can I go to work soon afterwards?

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